2016 BMW M2 – Oct. 29th 2016

Took out a 2016 BMW M2 for a fun search of new roads to tear up. 

Total distance: 252.89 mi
Max elevation: 0 ft
Min elevation: 0 ft
Total climbing: 0 ft
Total descent: 0 ft
Average speed: 46.21 mi/h
Total Time: 05:36:33


Evo 8 Stock Turbo 35lb of Boost!! Daily Driver

You will find a evo 8 showing you how much boost can be run on stock turbo with pump gas!!!

YouTube Preview Image

Titsup-Racing.com gets a new sister site!

Well titsup-racing has went to an update and has added a sister site which now you can see are video collection in a full web base. Also now you can join and upload your sweet videos and get know to all the big time guys out there. Best part there is super high limit on file size! Which means you can post your long track days. Or how-to’s and everything else you can think of. So come check it out.


Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Old School Fire Balls!!



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Evo Vs C5 Corvette

This is a old time favorite of mine.

Face Off – $25 Pot Winner Takes All!

Down at Top Level there was a face off with two cars.
2nd gen was running a large turbo and the evo was running a stock frame turbo.


Welcome to the new layout of titsup-racing.com you will find that there is a way easier to find and view all are videos. More changes are to come.